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Healed horses help hurting human hearts …

Why Horses

Psychologists, pastors, mental health professionals, and physical therapists know, because it has been proven thousands of times over, that working one-on-one specifically with a horse, releases stress and anxiety, bringing healing and relaxation to not only the person but also the animal. There is something possessed by equines that is unique to them alone, and not possessed by other animals, that causes this phenomenon to happen.

By providing healing and comfort to these innocent animals, there is an overwhelming feeling of doing something good that lifts the spirits, creating joy, enthusiasm and energy. Physical work enhances the body and mind, and gives a feeling of accomplishment (as does learning how to work a 1,200 lb. animal!).

Horses that have been rescued out of neglect or abuse have a special sense of gratitude and empathy with people who have had similar experiences with sorrow, tragedy or need and they have a natural desire to be with someone they sense has had the same or similar experiences to theirs. There is a special bond that develops between an individual and a horse that cannot be broken – horses remember everyone they have had a relationship with.

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