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Session Scheduling

All appointments are made and confirmed individually through the Ranch website: via the Contact Us tab. Each appointment MUST be confirmed by e-mail reply to your request or you will not have a scheduled appointment. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to your session time, and no later than 10 minutes after, or your time may have to be rescheduled. Every appointment depends on the changeable Jacksonville weather and the condition of our dirt road, which can be sunny in your neighborhood and rainy here, or vice versa.

We suggest that you confirm the Ranch weather and road condition by texting 904.635.8783 one hour prior to your appointment. If an emergency arises and you are not able to arrive on time, please notify us as soon as possible by text – do not call or e-mail because they do not always come through. Please send texts only to this number. Since our family lives here full time, and we have personal schedules to keep, we do not have the capability to assist drop-in visitors, thus every person must have a confirmed appointment. Sessions will not be available during the times we feed and care for the animals, scheduled twice daily.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance.


CSRJP is a family-owned working Ranch on 15 acres of private land, that includes three cypress swamps, with nearby walking and riding trails for special events. The Ranch is directly adjacent to 100 acres of city buffer land and the 15 mile-long Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail horse/bike/jogging trail.

Address: 13375 Bullard Lane
Jacksonville, FL 32220
Map to Ranch Map to Cypress Swamp Ranch Jaxson's Place


We at CSRJP recognize that God owns everything that exists. He owns the land, the buildings, the horses and everything we see. By His hand of blessing, CSRJP continues to operate. We do not charge anyone to come here. Some have generously chosen to share their monetary blessings with us by providing grain and hay for the horses, or building materials for barns and other needs, for which we are truly grateful. Every gift received, no matter how large or small, is appreciated and goes 100% to the animals’ needs for food, farrier, vet or other costs. These donations are tax-deductible based on our 501(c)3 non-profit tax status and receipts are joyfully provided.

Proper Clothing and Tips for Comfort

Shoes or boots with closed toes and heels are required (no flip-flops, sandals or croc-type shoes). These should have a ¼” minimum heel for riding safety. We have a limited supply of loaner boots if you do not possess appropriate foot wear. Long pants and shirts with sleeves are recommended for safety and comfort. Short-shorts, revealing tops and other immodest apparel are not allowed at CSRJP and we appreciate your cooperation. We cannot allow clothing or jewelry that hangs around the neck or waist for safety purposes. Do not wear anything that you mind getting dirty! Cell phones must be in the silent mode while working with the horses, and we encourage you to leave them in your vehicle during session times.

If you wish to use the camera feature, you are welcome to or have an observer take photos, with minimal session interference. Since this is a swamp environment, we suggest that you bring bug spray.

Due to the Florida sun, you may need sunscreen. To ensure that you stay hydrated, we suggest that you bring a water bottle with your name on it. Folding chairs, snacks and coolers are welcome. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are strictly prohibited on all Ranch property, including the parking lot.

Loitering in the parking area is not allowed. Required Information for Parents and Guardians for Children Under 18: It is required that the parent or guardian of a child under 18 years of age be present on the CSRJP property the entire time that the child is present. Adults, siblings and friends of the one having a session are welcome to enjoy the Ranch property in designated areas for relaxation, play or other activities, with supervision of the parent/guardian.

If you wish to observe your family member or friend during the session, we ask that you do so from afar, in an area that will allow the leader to give maximum benefit while conducting training. Ranch volunteer activities are welcomed during this time. Leadership will assist you with any questions you may have.

Requirements to Participate

First time visits are encouraged to schedule a “Meet and Greet,” available by appointment only, which is approximately one-hour in duration. Individual horse training sessions are available to people aged 10 and above. Age exceptions due to need are considered but cannot be promised. The main requirement for every guest of any age is that they have the desire to be here.

We will do our part to meet individual needs that we are made aware of. Cypress Swamp Ranch Jaxson’s Place does not have the ability to provide accommodations for out-of-town guests. We are part of a large network of similar ranch ministries throughout the United States and some foreign countries.

If you do not live within traveling distance of the Greater Jacksonville Florida area, we first recommend that you contact one of the ranches in your area (we can help you locate one nearby) or, upon confirmed appointment at CSRJP, you may need to make reservations with a hotel located in the area, depending upon travel plans.

Weather Restrictions

Due to the typical extreme heat, humidity and severe rainstorms that regularly occur in our area during summer months, CSRJP is closed from mid-June through the end of August. The Ranch is at the end of a privately-maintained dirt road. CSRJP continues to do everything possible to keep the road in drivable condition, but the rain can quickly turn it to mud which makes it impassable for visitors. We request that all visitors text 904.635.8783 one hour prior to the scheduled appointment to verify Ranch weather and dry road condition. (See Session Scheduling below).

Guest Parking

When you enter the Ranch property, guest parking is on your left, under the Oak trees. Parking is at each individual’s discretion in that area only for regular sessions and visits.

What Happens at Each Session

Age-appropriate chore: By shouldering with us in the great amount of work required to care for these large animals, you will experience the fulfillment of giving to others with the most important thing you possess – your time. This also gives Ranch leadership the opportunity to observe and discern the best use of training session time with you. Chores may include stall/shed cleanup, fence and barn repair, and other tasks – individually chosen for you according to your age and physical ability.

Horse training: Anticipation and excitement of seeing the horses is the main reason people come to CSRJP. We teach natural horsemanship which includes handling, grooming, round pen riding and other horse care. Activities completed at each session are at the discretion of the session leader and we strive to enhance and advance skills at each meeting.

Free Time: Sometimes children and adults just want to play games or relax, and enjoying the fresh country peace and air. There is an atmosphere of peace here at CSRJP which brings a freedom to enjoy nature and God’s amazing creation. Feel free to bring your Bible, book, or a project to work on if you wish.

Ranch Horses, Donkeys and Other Animals: The horses here are extremely friendly but also unpredictable and very large. They love human attention, but have been known to crowd-in. Each has special dietary requirements and we cannot allow guest feeding. Horses and donkeys are large, but have very fragile digestive systems and we appreciate your respect with this very important request as it could become a life or death issue to the animals. Pasture and swamp areas are off-limits to visitors and guests.

Special Events

Activities include General introduction to CSRJP activities, horse demonstrations, meet and greet the animals, music, food, crafts, games, family fun and fellowship, free of charge. This gives an opportunity for people who typically would not attend individual sessions to learn about the Ranch and ministry here. As you might guess, it takes a great deal of planning and work to pull this off, and we are only able to make this happen with volunteer help.

Bonfires This is a fun time for the family for thanksgiving and reflection of God’s provision for us all, in a campfire atmosphere, complete with s’mores, songs and sharing.

Cowboy Church CSRJP is seeking a pastor or seminarian to share, while on horseback, the inspiration of God’s Word and message. This is not intended to be a substitute for anyone’s place of worship, but would be held several times per year, on Saturday evenings, providing a time of worship and fellowship for those who love God, horses and people and would include worship music and dinner on the grounds.

Community Service Hours Some organizations like universities, and other service or educational groups, require their members to perform community service hours to non-profits like CSRJP. We joyfully accommodate these requests and give verification of the time spent here helping us out.
It can take an army of people for special events to take place. If you or someone you know would be interested in participating in helping to organize or assist with any of the above activities, please contact us for details. We love opening the Ranch to these opportunities, but it is impossible to put on events without people who shoulder with us to make them happen!

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